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Think Week is a week-long group learning experience for busy, ambitious professionals. You will be encouraged to think about your life and business through the lens of various high-quality ideas whilst being expertly facilitated by an executive coach.

Happens via Zoom

Next cohort
23- 29 March, 2020

8h00 – 9h15 For the duration of the week

Note that we only take 22 participants per Think Week.

Feedback From Think Week Alumni

More than 450+ participants (including corporate clients) have rated Think Week at a 9.2/10
Andy Golding
Think Week did exactly that – it made me think, a lot. Erik has a way of helping to shift your perspective and uncover meaningful truths and insights. I left each day with nuggets of thought and wisdom and I left the whole week refreshed and energised with a clear idea of the work I still needed to do.

Andy Golding
Employee Experience Specialist
Still Human
John Sanei
Think Week allowed me to start my day with incredible energy and focus. The insights that emerged from the sessions have fundamentally changed how I am moving forward. A highly recommended experience.

John Sanei
Speaker & Author
John Sanei Inc
Elisheva Gilbert
I had the privilege of being part of the first THINK WEEK cohort. It was the most powerful and profound experience. I learned a fortune about myself, what I really want, the things I’m denying and delaying, stuff I’m tolerating that I need to get rid of, and what’s standing in the way of me and my growth. The real work begins now and I come out of the week with a framework to assist in crafting my new narrative.

Elisheva Gilbert
Head: Marketing & Group Communication
Jillian Lambert
Think Week, for me, was a deep dive into getting out of my own way. It provided probing, concise questions and topics that kept me laser focused on moving through the barrier, and not avoiding it. The result is that I have much more clarity and drive which is resulting in actions. Thank you Erik for the way you create and hold the space with professionalism and integrity.

Jillian Lambert
Joy Activist & Coach

Think Week

What it's all about

Bill Gates retreats to silence twice a year for seven days at a time. He has credited the exercise with some of his greatest writing and thinking.

I have been enamored with this approach from the day I heard about it. It speaks to me because I believe that the quality of our thinking ultimately dictates how our lives unfold.

Unfortunately, we often get so caught up in the busyness of life that our thinking stagnates, we perpetuate the same patterns, and fall victim to the same habits.

Think Week is your opportunity to slow down and reflect on your thinking, your future, your behaviours, your relationships, and more.

It has been designed to challenge your thinking and to leave you expecting more of yourself. Not only for today. But for what you can do in the future!

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Think Week Schedule

You will be required to attend all sessions so please mark these in your calendar.
  • Day 1

  • How do we shift out of survival mode and act from justified confidence? Only the formidable act with the courage needed to change their lives.

  • Day 2

  • Developing a clearer understanding of the role that you play in the creation of your current life. This means taking a hard look at things that you might want to rather avoid.

  • Day 3

  • What does your future look like and who are you becoming?

  • Day 4

  • Sustaining change is not easy but it can become more seamless when we are aware of our patterns.

  • Day 5

  • At the end of Think Week, we want to operationalize everything that you have discovered and learned so that you can integrate it into your daily behaviour.

About Erik Kruger

International speaker & author

I speak on the topics of leadership, resilience, and high-performance. Over the past few months I have spoken for the likes of YPO New York, Entrepreneur’s Organization Global, Microsoft, Dell, Discovery, and more. And most recently did my first TedX talk.

In 2018 I received my Master’s degree in Business and Executive Coaching. Since then I have applied myself to helping teams play at their very best. I create deep learning experiences for leaders and teams to accelerate their personal and professional development.

I am an associate at the Johannesburg Business School. I contribute regularly to GQ and, and various podcasts and radio shows. Previously I also wrote for Entrepreneur Magazine.

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The only way to change your thinking is to take yourself more seriously and to actually apply new and interesting mental models to your existing challenges.